Oxycodone 30mg tablets

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Buy Oxycodone Online.

Name: Oxycodone

Dosage: 30 mg

Form : Tablets

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Buy Oxycodone 30mg Online.

Whats Oxycodone 30mg used for?

Oxycodone 30mg is an opiate painkiller, used to treat severe pain, for example after an operation or a serious injury, or pain from cancer.

buy Oxycodone 30mg is used to relieve pain severe enough to require opioid treatment and when other pain medicines did not work well enough or cannot be tolerated. It belongs to the group of medicines called Pain Killers.

Where do I get Oxycodone ?

Oxycodone 30mg tablets are available in pharmacy. Many pharmacies do not keep this medication in stock, but here you can order it without problem.

Side effects

buy Oxycodone 30mg always carries some risk. It’s important to be careful when taking any type of drug.

Common side effects.

This drugs affects everyone differently, but the effects may include:

  • pain relief
  • dizziness or faintness
  • tiredness
  • confusion and difficulty concentrating
  • euphoria or negative mood
  • restlessness
  • stiff muscles
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • stomach ache and nausea
  • difficulty urinating
  • slow pulse

Long-term effects

Regular use of oxycontin may cause:

  • dental problems
  • mood swings
  • reduced sex drive and decreased level of testosterone (males) and menstrual problems (females)
  • needing to use more to get the same effect
  • financial, work or social problems.

Dosage Oxycodone

  • The usual starting dose using immediate release oxycodone tablets is 5 to 30 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Patients who have never received opioids should start with 5-15 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Some patients may require 30 mg or more every 4 hours.
  • The usual starting dose using extended release tablets is 10 mg every 12 hours. Extended release tablets are used when around-the-clock treatment is required for an extended period. Extended release tablets should be swallowed whole, broken, crushed, or chewed. Breaking, crushing, or chewing extended release tablets may lead to rapid absorption of the drug and dangerous levels of oxycodone.
  • Patients who have been using opioids and have become tolerant to opioid therapy should only use the 60 and 80 tablets or single doses greater than 40 mg. Administration of large doses to opioid-naïve patients may lead to profound depressed breathing. The usual adult dose for the oral solution (5 mg/5 ml) is 10-30 mg every 4 hours. We have adderall in stock also.
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  1. Anne

    I was a little skeptical due to the very good pricing but they shipped item on same day. They assured me I would get it and promptly replied to my emails. No complaints on product or service.

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    The customer service was very helpful in helping me set up his service.
    The packaging was cute and arrived on time with several texts to let me know when it was coming.
    I can’t believe it took me this long to do delivery for my medications ! It has saved me a lot of time!

  3. Martinez

    The service is incredible. Extremely trustworthy pharmacy

  4. Victoria

    I was very impressed with the service. I also received a phone call explaining why a change in the order was necessary and this was very helpful. Thank you

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